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Total Hoists and Cranes designs and manufactures lifting hoists, overhead gantry and portal cranes for a wide range of industrial applications. The ability to provide bespoke design means we are able to tailor the most cost effective and practical lifting solutions for your operational requirements.

We have built lifting hoists, jib cranes, overhead gantry, portal cranes and take-up winches for some of the world’s largest industrial companies and provided installations all over Australia. Our industry applications include:


Our versatility, extensive mining industry experience along with our robust overhead gantry, jib cranes and lifting hoists set us apart from our competition. We build maintenance friendly equipment for harsh environments and incorporate heavy duty rope guides with slack rope compensators, heavy duty wear resistant wire ropes and low maintenance electrics to deliver operational reliability.

Oil and Gas/Hazardous Goods

We manufacture flame proof protected and explosion proof (Ex) equipment for oil, gas and hazardous goods industries. Equipment such as portal cranes and lifting hoists must be designed and built for the special environmental conditions in which they operate. Flammable gases, vapours, dust or fibre in the atmosphere may present a combustion hazard with a risk that electrical apparatus on the portal crane or lifting hoists might become a source of ignition. Prevention entails purpose built control systems, motors, brakes and other protective provisions.


We supply lifting equipment to suit your requirements. Our manufacturing range includes overhead gantry cranes, work stations, jib crane and lifting hoists as turnkey solutions for new workshops. We also install or modernise/replace equipment in existing buildings. Our overhead gantry and portal cranes provide the safety and reliability required by local industry. In addition, our service team will keep you running 24/7.


We provide overhead gantry cranes, rubber tyre gantry, chain and wire rope hoists, wheel blocks and engineered solutions to keep your project moving. We can tailor make equipment to your requirements and provide the best solution for your site. We have built many structures with overhead gantry cranes and jibs to lift and shift building products. Contact us to find out how we can help with your project.

Marine Industry

We offer overhead gantries, jib cranes and hoists for boat yards, repairers and marinas and heavy duty lifting hoists for ship construction, repair and maintenance.


We provide high speed, high duty overhead gantry and jib cranes and hoists to match the demands of busy steel warehousing/distribution companies. We provide overhead gantry cranes to the largest steel provider in Australia and conform to their exacting safety requirements.


We can tailor make bespoke equipment to suit any application. We can supply, deliver and install packages with heavy lifting equipment and exact load control as well as anti-sway and VSD travel positioning. 


We can supply specialist glass handling and vacuum lift equipment for single sheet, grabs and handle packs. Equipment benefits include a lighter more manoeuvrable lifting beam, soft start, SC Smartdrive with programmable speeds acceleration/deceleration and controlled electrical braking.

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